Financial Year 2010 JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

In common with companies throughout the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry, JUMO has been very conscious of the upturn in the sector. Global turnover increased from 143 million euro to 170 million euro and is readjusted to the pre-crisis level of 2008. Compared to the 2009 financial year, this corresponds to an increase in the consolidated turnover of 18.9%.

With temperature sensors being produced worldwide, the corporate group has already achieved a turnover of 62.4 million euro, meaning that it continues to be the global market leader in this segment.

In Germany, the company realized a turnover of 133 million euro, corresponding to an increase of around 25% compared to 2009. At year end, the order book stood at more than 40 million euros.

In 2010, the export share of the JUMO Group was around 50%, with the subsidiaries in China and India in particular achieving outstanding turnover growth. The target for the corporate group in the 2011 financial year is a total turnover of 186 million euros. This corresponds to an increase in turnover of 9.4%.

Employment situation
As of December 2010, the workforce at the JUMO corporate group totaled 1706 men and women. Of these, 1146 – including 98 apprentices – were working at the Fulda location, 46 in branches and offices throughout Germany, and 514 in subsidiaries abroad. This means that, compared to the previous year, JUMO employed 36 more people.

26 new apprentices were engaged at the start of August 2010. JUMO would again like to offer as many apprenticeships as possible in 2011, to encourage the next generation of qualified trainees and to give young people the opportunity for a professional career.

Investment spending
Last year, JUMO invested almost 4 million euro in machinery, systems and buildings. Over the past five years, JUMO has spent more than 33 million euro in total on the Fulda production location.

News from home
Suggestions for operating improvements
The 250 improvement initiatives from the workforce that resulted in savings amounting to 207,384 euros in 2010, speak for themselves. The number of suggestions has also increased over the years, showing that the men and women employed at JUMO apply themselves constructively to making improvements. And the good ideas pay off, because those who submit them receive bonuses totaling approx. 20,000 euros. To express our gratitude in something other than monetary terms, their commitment and participation in BVW was recognized in January by inviting them on a day’s outing to the VW factory in Baunatal, followed by a tasting in a local brewery.

The biggest bonus was awarded to the suggestion for improvement submitted by Alexandra Jonas from Pressure Measurement Technology. Her recommendation for optimizing the production sequence for pressure measuring instruments led to a considerable savings, and a clear reduction in throughput time.

BVW acts as a mainstay for the company in maintaining and improving JUMO‘s efficiency and competitiveness. JUMO greatly appreciates the valuable potential that lies in the creativity of our workforce and in their ideas.

Signing up for the “Diversity Charter”
The diversity of modern society - fueled by globalization and demographic change – characterizes business life in Germany. Companies can only succeed in business if they embrace and harness this diversity, both with regard to their workforce and to the needs of their customers and business partners. The men and women employed by a company possess a wealth of abilities and talents, opening up opportunities for innovative and creative solutions.

This was the reason why the Charter of Diversity was brought into being in December 2006. It was a corporate initiative, committed to developing a corporate culture characterized by fairness and appreciation. JUMO is also concerned to provide a work environment that is free of prejudice and discrimination, in which every employee is respected, whatever their sex, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or philosophy, physical ability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Thus on February 1 2011, a ceremony was held in Wiesbaden to mark the official signing-up to the initiative of JUMO and 14 other companies in Hessen. The corporate culture practiced by this traditional company has followed the spirit of the charter from the beginning, but by signing up to it, they are now committed, on an annual basis, to publicly report on their activities and the progress they have made in promoting diversity and respect. In this way, the existing structures, processes, activities and mindsets within the company can be consciously reconsidered, adapted and continually expanded in the spirit of the charter. Under the charter, JUMO will

  • Cultivate a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation for each individual.
  • Review all human resource processes to ensure that they take into account the diverse abilities and talents of all our employees, as well as our performance standards.
  • Acknowledge the diversity of society in and outside the company, appreciate its inherent potential and put it to profitable use for the company.
  • Make the Charter’s implementation a topic of discussion in and outside the company.

This makes it possible to counteract a lack of skilled personnel and the demographic change, as well as providing our workforce with an agreeable framework in which to work everyday. Managing Partner Bernhard Juchheim has this to say in support of the project: “We would like to create a working climate of acceptance and mutual trust and provide a work environment that is completely prejudice-free. By acknowledging and promoting our diverse potentials, we can create economic advantages for our company, because motivated employees are the basis for a healthy company, and this is what we are relying on!”

Prospects for 2011
Structurally, the German Electronics Industry is very well positioned, as the modern and innovative technologies of the sector are essential for achieving better climate protection, greater efficiency when dealing with energy and resources, increased electromobility, an efficient health economy or a more modern infrastructure. This means that it is still one of the most important branches of industry worldwide. In addition to this, an increase in the global electronics market of around 6% in 2010 and comparatively positive expectations for growth in 2011, present further positive prospects for the sector.

The three Managing Partners Bernhard, Carsten and Michael Juchheim are certain that the JUMO Group will be able to further increase its share in the international measurement and control systems markets both by innovation and by intently focusing on its customers. With our qualified and motivated workforce, as well as our 23 separate subsidiaries and numerous agencies abroad, we are perfectly placed to make this happen.

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