JUMO exTHERM-AT - The Innovative, Explosion-protected, Surface-mounted Thermostat

The new JUMO exTHERM-AT surface-mounted thermostat draws on a long tradition of explosion-protected, surface-mounted thermostats from JUMO. It features three impressive qualities: Robustness, reliability, and flexibility. Robust – with an approved operating temperature as low as -55 °C. Reliable – proven by 250,000 tested switching cycles (temperature monitor). Flexible – thanks to a wide range of options for equipment and combinations.

The JUMO exTHERM-AT can be used in all areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere in which temperature controlling and monitoring are required. This especially applies to the surrounding area of pipe tracing systems, where the primary concern is monitoring the maximum pipe temperature, and to distillation plants, where thermal processes are controlled.

The explosion-protected JUMO exTHERM-AT can also be used in the production of food and pharmaceutical products. It is especially well suited to these last two application areas because it is also available with a stainless steel case.

The device’s ATEX approval applies to zones 1 and 2 (potentially explosive gas atmosphere) or to zones 21 and 22 (potentially explosive dust atmosphere). Zone separation between zones 0 and 1 is possible with special thermowells. They make it possible to use the JUMO exTHERM-AT (indirectly) in this area as well. The thermowells are available as accessories in different insertion lengths.

As standard procedure, the pressure-resistant thermostat developed by JUMO is mounted in an IP65 case made of polyester, which is customary in the industry. It is also available in an aluminum or stainless steel case which fully meets the requirements of the industry.

The JUMO exTHERM-AT offers users great flexibility. Whether it is used as a single or double thermostat, a thermostat that has a rigid shaft with the sleeve permanently connected to the device, or in the version with a capillary up to 5,000 mm in length the wide range of design options meets all expectations.

The internal pressure-resistant enclosure and the installation in an IP65 case reflect the robust design of the JUMO exTHERM-AT. Because of these features the instrument is approved for ambient temperatures as low as -55 °C. That makes the thermostat suitable for use in the coldest regions on the planet. The maximum approved ambient temperatures when in use are +40 °C in temperature class T6 and +70 °C in temperature class T4. The device allows a switching capacity of 25 A at 230 V.

Tested with 250,000 switching cycles (TW), the new JUMO exTHERM-AT offers many years of reliable service. The high-quality materials used in the thermostat allows it to withstand all load capacities over the course of the product lifecycle.

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