JUMO plans new plant in Fulda and extends international production network

On Course for Growth with Leading-Edge Technology

The JUMO business group has been on a successful path to growth for the last few years. With the extension to the Fulda site now confirmed and additional restructuring measures being undertaken, important foundations have been laid for future development.

With over 2,100 employees and a turnover of 217 million euro in 2013, the JUMO business group is one of the most prominent companies worldwide in the field of industrial measurement, control, and automation technology. Consistent innovation policies and the focus on the significant markets of the future have lead to impressive growth in the last few years. However, this success cannot be taken for granted.

"We feel the increasing pressure from international competitors and have therefore steered our company in a new direction by taking different measures," explains Michael Juchheim, Managing Director of JUMO. Mr. Juchheim believes that the most important milestone is the acquisition of a large piece of land (100,000 square meters) at Fulda headquarters. In the coming years, a new plant will be built on this land to accommodate 600 workers. The production area will be almost tripled with the construction of this new plant. "It was not feasible to generate further growth with the previous production area. So we took the opportunity to develop a completely new site for important areas of our production," continues Mr. Juchheim, who explains that it is no simple matter to plan a company expansion of this scale in Germany. "We took the conscious decision to continue expanding within Germany with our qualified employees. To some extent, this is also a part of our tradition as a family company," stresses Mr. Juchheim.

Other strategic measures include closely integrating the JUMO site in Romania into the international production network of the company. "It is a fact that certain products can no longer be produced competitively in Germany because of the high personnel costs. As a result, we use our sites in Romania and China as extended work benches so that we can withstand the growing cost pressures," explains the Managing Director of JUMO. In the future, production in Romania will be used increasingly to secure this price advantage throughout the entire business group. The subsidiary in Belgium will be expanded considerably as part of this international growth.

With the expansion of market segment management, JUMO is pushing on with its internal redirection. "We are increasingly moving from being a provider of components to being a system provider. This also includes the increasing focus on clearly defined target sectors and their needs," explains Michael Juchheim.  Market segment management has been successfully established in the Pharma & Food industry of the company for several years. Now the company appointed a market segment manager for the railway sector at the start of this year. Others will follow later this year, maintains Mr. Juchheim.

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