Process and program controller with future-proof interface

JUMO DICON touch in the PROFINET World

PROFINET is an open Industrial Ethernet standard for automation and is gaining increasing importance in process automation. PROFINET uses TCP/IP and IT standards, is real-time Ethernet capable, and enables the integration of fieldbus systems. With the JUMO DICON touch two-channel process and program controller, the measuring and control technology specialist is now taking its first steps in the PROFINET world.

In addition to the existing RS422/RS485 Modbus RTU, Ethernet, and PROFIBUS DP interfaces, the DICON touch can now be connected and communicate with a PROFINET controller. For this purpose the process and program controller uses a PROFINET interface with integrated two-port switch, which enables simple line structures to be set up.

All Ethernet applications that have already been integrated are also available with PROFINET. These include evaluation of the recorded data, the setup transfer, and the web server functionality with online visualization. The certification of the product guarantees the conformity with the PROFINET standard and the compatibility with components from different manufacturers.

The modular hardware concept of the JUMO DICON touch enables a high level of flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Four analog universal inputs for connecting to resistance sensors, thermocouples, and standard signals as well as up to eight external inputs are able to record a variety of physical measured values with high precision.

To ensure secure process operation, the process controller has password-protected user administration with individual assignment of rights for different levels or control commands. Ready-made screen templates for controllers, program generators, recording, and overview screens support the speedy startup.

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