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JUMO RTD Temperature Probes for the Railway Industry

RTD temperature probes for the railway industry have to be especially robust, reliable, and durable. JUMO meets these strict requirements with its array of different products.

JUMO has almost 70 years of experience with temperature measurement technology. This expertise results in particularly high-quality and efficient solutions. All JUMO RTD temperature probes are therefore certified in accordance with the latest version of the standards DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 50121, and DIN EN 45545. In addition, RTD temperature probes are equipped for use in harsh environments.

For instance, the 902815 model screw-in RTD temperature probe with a bayonet fastener can be used in a temperature range from -50 to +150 °C or up to +260 °C with an extension tube. Furthermore, the thermometers have also undergone intensive temperature tests as well as extensive vibration and shock tests according to EN 61373. Both models can be used for tasks such as monitoring the temperature of air pressure systems or air conditioning systems.

Depending on the design, screw-in RTD temperature probes with type 902030 connecting cables are suited for use in temperature ranges from -50 to +270 °C. These RTD temperature probes are the preferred choice for measuring temperatures in liquids and gaseous media. They can, for example, reliably measure the medium temperature in coolant circuits (e.g. in transformers) and can also be used for climate monitoring.

Wheelset drives and wheel bearings are subject to particularly demanding environmental conditions. The enormous loads placed on the bearings and gear tooth flanks generate heat, making temperature monitoring essential for safety reasons. The temperature of bearings can be measured using the JUMO wheelset RTD temperature probe, which was developed especially for this demanding measuring task. Additional safety is provided by a patented corrugated hose seal on the sensor's measuring head through which the device achieves protection type IP68.

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