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Travel with us through the history of JUMO Belgium

JUMO - Your partner for automation and measurement and control technology. M.K. Juchheim, now JUMO GmbH & C° KG, was founded in 1948 in Fulda (Germany) and started with the production of glass thermometers and contact thermometers.

To this day, the JUMO Group employs up to 2,500 people worldwide and is active in all markets of the world. JUMO Automation GmbH was founded in 1971 and is located in Eupen. It currently employs 42 people who speak the three national languages. JUMO has the following characteristics : the fact that the company is still in the hands of the founding family JUCHHEIM creates a pleasant working atmosphere as well as a flat hierarchy.

JUMO has large production capabilities, whether horizontal or vertical. This gives us good cost management and knowledge in all aspects of manufacturing. We develop our products ourselves. The number of customised instruments shows that we are responsive to our customers' needs. At JUMO, our motto is : Think global; act local. As a result, 14 branches - including JUMO Automation Eupen - have not only a commercial service, but ALSO their own production facility and a competent technical service. Our probe department has the same challenge every day to meet the customer's needs. Our speciality : made-to-measure production and just-in-time delivery. We have both modern manufacturing methods and experienced, competent staff to meet all our customers' needs. The crowning achievement of this continuous development was the FACTORY OF FUTURE Award in 2020. Our technical service not only repairs our equipment, but also develops programmes, carries out commissioning, provides training and offers the necessary support to our customers in the event of technical problems, etc.

Without a doubt, JUMO Automation is the solid partner for you; not only because of experience and modern technology alone, but also because of our customer orientation. Moreover, JUMO has evolved over the past years, not only by expanding its product portfolio, but also by taking responsibility as a solid and trustworthy partner for complete solutions.

Moritz Kurt Juchheim founded today's JUMO GmbH & Co. KG in Fulda under the name M. K. JUCHHEIM KG. He started manufacturing glass thermometers as well as glass contact thermometers with 6 employees on a 350 m² production area. He was born on July 4, 1910 in Ilmenau, Thuringia where his father already produced thermometers. From the very beginning, Moritz Kurt Juchheim focused on high-quality devices and the best possible customer service. The name JUMO is derived from the initials of the company founder. Come with us on a journey through the moving history of our company.

From glass thermometer to sensor - from Fulda to Europe


Even before the establishment of 2 German states, the thermometer factory "M.K. Juchheim" was established in Fulda and already exhibited at the Hannover Messe in 1949. Konrad Adenauer became Federal Chancellor. In the years of the economic miracle the Fulda-based company also flourished. By 1952 it had grown from 6 to 100 employees and by 1970 this number had increased tenfold. The production area increased from 350 to 12,000 m².

In 1966 the production of platinum glass sensors began. Measuring and control devices on an electronic basis were added to the product range. While the world mourned the breakup of the Beatles, Moritz Juchheim founded the first subsidiary in Belgium in 1971. This was the step that began internationalization. In 1978, JUMO was the first company to use processors in control technology.

New developments up to the robot


While Erno Rubik's "Magic Cube" rose to cult status, JUMO continued to develop its range of services and, for the first time, offered these for metal processing and electronic modules to external customers as well. The field of liquid analysis was also expanded.

In 1985 Germany cheered for the 17-year-old tennis phenomenon Boris Becker. In the same year Peter Juchheim, eldest son of company founder Moritz and Managing Manager alongside his father since 1965, died in 1985. His younger brother and current Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Juchheim took his place. In 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell, JUMO achieved a breakthrough: robots were used for the first time in temperature probing.

Global growth due to high-tech


The federal government moved from Bonn to the old and new capital Berlin. JUMO's development department relocated to a new building. Over the years, this department has produced high-tech devices, process control systems, smart transmitters, bus technology, and state-of-the-art visualization software. As a result, the JUMO mTRON automation system was launched on the market in 1997.

After the founding of the JUMO training center in 1995, the Juchheim family suffered another loss: in 1996, company founder Moritz Juchheim passed away.

Automation systems, new target groups, and new markets


The new millennium did not begin with a crash, but rather with a record for JUMO: the company achieved sales of over 100 million euro for the first time. In 2002, when the European currency was also introduced as cash, JUMO inaugurated the new sales and production building for the temperature sensor technology product line in the Eisweiher industrial park. The building had a total area of 4,680 m².

In 2003, the brand name JUMO became the company name and Michael Juchheim became Managing Director alongside his father Bernhard. JUMO grew on the Asian and Eastern European markets. It could tap new target groups with complete automation systems.

Plastics and excellent growth


As the decade was drawing to a close JUMO employed more than 2,000 people worldwide and continued to focus on expansion. The certification of the DKD laboratory by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) opened the door to new services. The new incoming goods logistics center opened in 2012 and a 100,000 m² site was acquired in 2013 for a new sensor manufacturing plant.

In 2016, JUMO made its only acquisition of an external company to date by taking over PGT Thermprozesstechnik GmbH. The company specialized in the production of innovative plastic temperature probes and had been a JUMO system partner for many years beforehand. JUMO received several awards for above-average growth and for being an exemplary employer.

In 2020 Dimitrios Charisiadis is appointed as third chief executive officer. He is responsible for the areas "Sales, Development and Production". In future, Bernhard Juchheim will be responsible for "Human Resources" and Michael Juchheim for "IT and Finances".