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Probe production JUMO Belgium

Manufacture and advanced technology

Our experienced production staff manufacture each individual sensor by hand according to their customer specifications. On a production area of just under 800 m², temperature probes are made to measure for you in-house. JUMO has also been named "Factory of the Future" by the "Digital Wallonia" initiative. "Digital Wallonia" aims to bring together public and private actors and initiatives to drive Wallonia's digital transformation. Under the sub-project "Industry of the Future", awards are given to companies that manufacture products with high added value. In addition, the "factories of the future" must have the agility to respond to rapidly changing market demand and be open to new business models. The optimal use of digital production processes while maintaining a strong human approach is another prerequisite.

Factory of the Future Award

Factory of the Future Award
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Laser welding

Since the wishes of our customers are very important to us, we can react to them flexibly and individually by producing small quantities as well as medium series. Through short paths and secured processes, we always manage to do this at the right time.

Special industry expertise: industrial electronics, medical technology, sensor technology, process technology, furnace construction, food industry

Our services

  • Preparation period
  • Production
  • Quality management

Preparation phase

Work preparation and planning

After the order is placed, the parts list and the work plan are created. Taking into account the required and available capacities, the production order is planned and started.

Planning of the production orders

Logistics/material procurement

Our strategic and operational purchasing uses an international selection of suppliers. The supplier pool is characterised by long-standing business relationships and offers you a high degree of reliability. Our inventory management system ensures optimised material procurement.

Have a look at our production

See our quality and know-how for yourself.

Production video


Cable preparation

Our cable preparation assembles the most diverse types of cables. Whether PVC, PTFE, silicone or metal-braided high-temperature cables - everything is possible.

Cable assembly

Mechanical preparation

A wide variety of individual parts and assemblies are manufactured in our company from the primary material. We cut, machine and weld. This is where the perfect protective shell of every temperature sensor is created.

Automatic circular welding machine (TIG)


All individual parts required for assembly are assembled and provided in advance. This guarantees the smooth running of the subsequent processes.

Commissioning of the individual parts


In final assembly, all components prepared in the previous production steps are brought together, installed and tested.

Microbrazing of the sensor tip

Quality assurance

Testing and checking

We offer the following test procedures:

  • Resistance testing
  • Voltage test
  • Insulation testing
  • High voltage testing
  • Calibration
  • Pressure test H²O
  • Leak test N²


Our EDP-supported quality management system is used for statistical process controls and archiving. By permanently monitoring all process steps, we can ensure consistent quality.

Resistance test of the measuring element

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Customer specific sensor

Guillaume Schyns 0032 87 595300 0032 87 595300