Diagnostic and repair services

With us your plant simply runs

Reduce downtimes by relying on our highly-qualified technicians for diagnosis and repairs. Depending on the urgency, an agreement about an individual reaction time is possible.

Our services

  • Express repair service
  • Consultation about the repair or migration to a new technology
  • Optional loan device available during the repair
  • Retrofitting of extra codes
  • Hardware and software updates
  • Comprehensive functional tests
  • Recalibration
  • Exchange of wearing parts
  • Upon request a cost estimate will be provided

Your advantages

Fast repair which reduces downtime. Qualified technicians with comprehensive product knowledge. Warranty on the performed repair.

Product returns

Please use this form when returning a unit to us for repair.


Your contact

Repair service

India Zündorff 0032 87 595300 0032 87 595300