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Humidity calibration

JUMO supports its customers throughout the entire product cycle. That is why we naturally also offer calibration of our sensors for measuring humidity. This must be carried out regularly to ensure that the measuring instruments work according to their technical data and thus provide the optimum performance for you.

Precise humidity measurement is important

Humidity affects many properties of air and the materials exposed to it. Moisture monitoring and measurement is important to protect products from condensation, corrosion, mould, warping or contamination.

For example, humidity needs to be measured in industries that manufacture and distribute food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuels, wood, textiles, and paper. Museums, art galleries, data centres, hospitals, research laboratories and semiconductor manufacturers are other institutions or businesses where moisture measurement is essential.

Our services include

  • Calibration according to the required guidelinesA
  • Issuance of a calibration certificate (documentation of calibration results)
  • Design of the calibration method according to your requirements.

Your advantages

  • Complete service from one source
  • international comparability and recognition of accredited calibrations avoids costs due to multiple assessments
  • fewer product failures or recalls
  • greater customer confidence in the quality of your products and services

Your contact

Humidity Calibration

Alexandre Ponthier +32 87 595 300 +32 87 595 300