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These companies are just a few of the many customers who have benefited from our on-site calibration. They are so satisfied with our service that they agree to put their name to it here.
On site calibration

Calibration of your installation on site

Calibrations often result in an interruption of processes or even downtimes. To keep disruptions in the production process as short as possible, JUMO offers on-site calibrations. Depending on the Depending on the urgency, it is also possible to agree on an individual response time.

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Our goal is to leave behind processes that are ready to measure.

Our range of services

  • Calibration according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018
  • Calibration of resistance thermometers and thermocouples (also with transmitters)
  • Dataloggers, electronic thermometers with direct display, mechanical thermometers and climatic chambers
  • Pressure measuring technology
  • Analysis measurement technology
  • Free monitoring of test equipment
  • Reminder service

Your advantages

  • fast, thus reduction of downtimes
  • qualified technician on site
  • Inclusion of the entire process and installation situation
  • adjustment, repair or replacement of individual components in case of faulty measurement results
  • Calibration certificate

Example of certificate for download

Download a sample of our calibration certificate to view.


Fast calibration also in the laboratory

Calibration in the laboratory is an alternative to on-site calibration. It is particularly useful when the highest measurement accuracy is required. But you don't have to do without your measuring instrument for long: 48 hours after receipt at JUMO, the calibrated measuring instrument leaves the calibration laboratory again.

Your contact

On-site calibration

Alexandre Ponthier +32 87 595 300 +32 87 595 300