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JUMO Makes Pairing of Temperature Probes with Different Cable Lengths Possible

In heat meters for heating systems, 2 paired temperature probes are usually used for symmetrical installation. These must have identical cable lengths to comply with the legal regulations. JUMO is the first manufacturer to develop a technology that enables the implementation of different cable lengths with one probe pair. Costs are reduced as a result.


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The new process enables different sleeve types, cable colors, and identification markings with one temperature probe pair. These combinations are available for all OEM versions that have a current design type and that have the type examination certificate. The only limitation is that the temperature probe pairs that have different versions must be firmly connected to the arithmetic unit and that they must not be exchanged. This is the case with so-called compact heat meters. In addition, the user must declare conformity for the compact heat meter if the heat meter is to be used for commercial purposes. However, he/she can easily refer to JUMO's type examination certificate.

As the world market leader for temperature probes for heat meters, JUMO has decades of experience in the research and development of new products for this industry. The new technology means that the sensors – compared to the normal pairing – are paired in the temperature probes using a newly developed process. The different cable lengths cause a difference in the electrical resistance at the end of the temperature probe. This resistance difference can, however, be calculated and transmitted to the customer via data sheets or via the content of a 2D barcode on the label. This barcode also contains other data such as characteristic line parameters, probe data, approvals, or even customer-specific texts.

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