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Wide Range of Opportunities as a System Supplier

Over the past 75 years, JUMO has constantly put its current product and system portfolio to the test and asked itself: What does the customer need? How can we as JUMO create added value for him/her? The market and requirements can change quite rapidly in this globalized world. As a result, JUMO has always focused on, readjusted to, and launched new as well as innovative products on the market.


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"At the moment, JUMO is once again transforming itself step by step from a product manufacturer to a system supplier, but one that can also offer customized solutions," says Sebastian Dänner, Head of Global Product Management at JUMO. He cites continuous improvement in the area of industrial temperature probes for heat meters as a successful example of this focus and optimization.

Customer-specific products through brand labeling and production of OEM products are just as much a part of this strategy as the local proximity through subsidiaries and on-site production at the customer's location. In addition, JUMO offers a high level of added value through its expertise in the development and production of SMD temperature sensors and pressure measuring cells. "We are very close to the customer! We can offer him/her a broad variance of customer-specific products," says Dänner, who refers to JUMO's 14 production sites in Germany and around the world.

In addition, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and metal technology services are offered to customers. "The interaction of sensor and control unit at JUMO is perfect for the customer, since it offers advantages in project planning and maintenance," emphasizes Dänner. JUMO is currently positioning itself more and more as a system supplier which offers not only product development, but also customer-specific solutions thanks to the global JUMO Engineering departments.

Customized solution for sensor technology specialist Reiss

An excellent example of customer-specific solutions is the partnering project with the sensor technology specialist Reiss in Weinheim, Germany. In addition to absolute process reliability, Reiss can use the internal user-friendly hardware and flexibly reprogram it to test the variety of sensors.

Reiss specializes in the production and sale of electrochemical measuring systems for water disinfection. Also, Reiss offers customers from many different industries an extensive product range of different sensor types for a variety of applications with different electrical connections.

The two companies Reiss and JUMO focused on the respective customer needs during the preliminary discussions and looked for a customized solution. This is where the JUMO variTRON system came into play, as it offered several advantages at once. For example, sensors for liquid analysis can be connected easily in just a few steps without having to install any fixed modules. The new test bench already contains all the necessary hardware to test the described variety of sensors.

For Reiss, the concrete added value is based on several significant improvements that save time and money. Consequently, changes can be implemented quickly via JUMO smartWare. JUMO’s digital communication solution JUMO digiLine focuses in particular on startup and maintenance in addition to the large number of analysis measurands. This is how the sensors can be detected automatically or how a calibration can be easily performed.

In addition, complex monitoring functions can be implemented to prevent overpressure, overheating, and dry-running of the test bench. The new solution has significantly increased process reliability. Another advantage of the JUMO solution is the consistency in the process.
"Customer needs are changing – and so is the JUMO system landscape," says Dänner. All these activities emphasize the claim "More than sensors + automation," he concludes. JUMO is open for more partnering projects similar to the one with Reiss.

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