Success Story: Green house

Fresh water for tulip bulbs

Company KaRo, based in Zwaagdijk in the Netherlands, supplies modern electrical and water technology for both the greenhouse horticulture and outdoor cultivation sectors such as fruit and plant-growing farms. The company from northern Holland was tasked by the flower bulb garden center Karel to find a solution for regulating fertilizers and for disinfecting process water. After all, tulip bulbs are grown in water which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.


For flower bulbs to thrive the water needs to meet specific conditions. To ensure that this is the case, the correct measurement and inspection of various parameters is essential. For example, the conductivity and pH value must be regulated accurately for the right fertilization. In addition, a directive for the disinfection of process water has been established for horticultural producers. The aim of the directives for the discharge of process water is to prevent emissions from entering surface water, sewers, and groundwater as well as to avoid contamination. That is why it is imperative that they are observed.

Other requirements included monitoring the fill level of the buffer tanks and digitally connecting the measurement and control technology as both the garden center and KaRo wanted to monitor the process sequence remotely.

Irrigation system in greenhouse for tulip bulbs

Irrigation system in greenhouse for tulip bulbs

Tulip bulbs in greenhouse

Tulip bulbs need clean water and precisely dosed fertiliser

Solution approach

With its numerous inputs, control functions, and digital interfaces the JUMO AQUIS touch S multichannel measuring device is the best solution for the application. JUMO also supplied the various electrodes for measuring the redox and pH values, chlorine, and conductivity. In addition, JUMO provided a fill level sensor for monitoring the buffer storage.

Together with the tulip grower the relevant values were ascertained on site and processed in the JUMO AQUIS touch S. The relevant measurands are measured by the connected sensors in the process water. The disinfectant and fertilizer are regulated and dosed in the right quantities by the JUMO AQUIS touch S. The fill level in the buffer storage which needs to be refreshed is also monitored.

Desinfection unit by KaRo in the Karel gardening center © KaRo B.V.

JUMO AQUIS tocuch S controls the desinfection in the gardening center © KaRo B.V.

Buffer storage and control technology in the gardenig center Karel © KaRo B.V.

Buffer storage controlled by JUMO AQUIS touch S © KaRo B.V.

Project outcome

With the JUMO AQUIS touch S, the flower bulb garden center has a central platform for displaying and regulating the water quality. The device comes with a large 5.5 inch color display which helps to provide a clear overview of the entire water treatment process in the flower bulb garden. The remote connection to the JUMO AQUIS touch S was established by connecting it to an IXON router. This way, the process water can be checked via PC, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.