Regulation and registration of ballast water management on ships

Controlling and recording

The various parameters of water treatment, such as level, pressure, temperature and flow rate, must be monitored centrally. Alarms are switched accordingly and valves, pumps, actuators, motors and other systems are controlled as required. This is done with the JUMO mTRON T measurement, control and automation system.

Our components for regulation and registration

The comprehensive system for ballast water management

Measuring, control and automation system JUMO mTRON T

Level measurement, liquid analysis, temperature, pressure and flow - this is where it all comes together. Record all relevant measured values for process optimization and verification. In addition, temperature, disinfection and all other processes can be controlled and automated with the JUMO mTRON T. Monitor, control and record your ballast water treatment using the modular system, which of course has the necessary approvals as well.

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