Process immersion fitting with integrated circulating sensor rinsing

The new JUMO 202821 series process immersion fitting is used to securely install electrochemical sensors in tanks, reservoirs and open channels. It is specifically designed for use in harsh ambient conditions and is the preferred choice for use in heavily polluted media or media that form a coating. Integrated circulating sensor rinsing with a ring-shaped spray nozzle arrangement makes it easy to clean the sensor. It helps to increase the service life of the sensor and reduce expenditure on maintenance.

The fitting is suitable for inserting a pH, redox, temperature or conductivity sensor with mounting dimensions 120mm x 12mm and a Pg13.5 thread. The fitting is integrated into the particular process from above, using a DN50 flange or a retainer. The fitting is supplied in a stainless steel that is suitable for pharmaceutical use (1.4404/316L). Other materials are also available. Fitting lengths from 500 to 2500 mm are available to the user. It can operate at up to 10 bar and 140°C.

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